These RULES are designed to make every guest’s stay enjoyable here at Red Bear Resort (RBR). The resort operates under a permit from the Sabine River Authority (SRA) and this permit governs many of the rules and regulations that have to be followed by you as guests/renters at RBR. Please abide by these Rules at all times while on RBR property.

WE WELCOME YOUR VISITORS: The rent for your site allows you up to four (4) people. Please have your visitors check in at the store or office immediately upon arrival at RBR. The day use fee for visitors over the age of six (6) is $10.00 per visitor per day and $10 launch use if they bring watercraft.  You are responsible for your visitors at all times. All extra cars must park in designated spots as approved by RBR management. Do not park in empty RV Sites or other renter sites.

RV SPACES: Each RV Space shall have only one (1) RV. All other Renter vehicles, boats, jet skis, trailers, golf carts, buildings, or other equipment must be approved by RBR management as specified in the Rental Agreement. Renters are required to keep their RV spaces clean and free of all debris. RBR personnel will mow grass around the RV spaces where possible but will not weed eat or provide weed or pest control near each RV space. Please keep items such as hoses and electric cords off the ground. RBR is not responsible for items that get damaged by mowers or weed eaters. Portable hottubs/bathtubs are not allowed.  Renters shall not discharge gray water from their RV anywhere on RBR property or the lake.

RV’s: Your RV is to be kept clean, neat and in good shape. RBR management has the right to inspect your RV and RV Space. Any discrepancies or items to be addressed will be provided to Renter by written correspondence. All hoses and other personal items must be properly stored prior to leaving RBR. NEVER dig holes for anything (TV dishes, plants, trees, etc.) without prior written permission from RBR management. Renters will be required to pay for any damage to below or above ground utilities at your RV space. No Mobile Homes are allowed at RBR. All tires must be in rolling condition at all times, underpinning and window air conditioners are not allowed. All RV’s are to be movable within an hour notice.

RV HOOKUPS: All RV hookups must have appropriate adapters and lines. RBR has limited supplies so you are required to have all your own equipment.

RV SPACE MAINTENANCE: If your space needs maintenance, please call, text or email the office.

SEWER SYSTEM: RBR operates its own waste water treatment system and it has limitations on what materials the system can treat. Feminine products, wipes, flushable wipes, cooking grease or oil, dental floss, diapers, cigarette butts, coffee grounds, or paper towels and other non- flushable items CAN NOT BE FLUSHED DOWN THE TOILETS OR SINKS.

DECKS AND STORAGE BUILDINGS: Existing decks and/or storage building have received written authorization from RBR and SRA. All decks and storage buildings must be maintained and kept in good condition. Washing machines are not allowed on decks or in storage buildings. All modifications and enhancements (including new decks and storage buildings) must be approved in writing by RBR management prior to any changes.

PARKING AND DRIVING: The speed limit at RBR is 5 MPH. Please keep your speed for ALL VEHICLES at 5 mph or less. You are allowed 2 vehicles per RV site. Please do not park on or cut through grassy areas in and around RV sites with any vehicles. Absolutely no driving of any vehicles in the septic areas.

MOTORIZED VEHICLES AND GOLF CARTS: Renters shall not be allowed to keep off-road motorcycles, ATV’s or any other loud vehicles on RBR property without permission from management. All renter vehicles and golf carts must stay on designated roads at all times. Children under the age of 15 are not allowed to operate any vehicle or golf cart without permission from RBR management.  Only electric golf carts allowed.  Gas powered golf carts are not allowed.

BOAT LAUNCH: The boat launch is open to Renters from daylight to dark. No other personnel, guests, visitors or the public can use the boat launch without prior approval from RBR management. Do not block the launch ramp. All watercraft trailers are to be left in boat/trailer parking area, not at your site. If you tie your boat to any dock and the dock is damaged, you will be held responsible for the dock repair. We are not responsible in any circumstance for damages to any boat or water vehicles tied to RBR docks or piers. Please abide by the NO WAKE rules of the lake and near the RBR piers and docks.

INOPERABLE RV, BOATS AND OTHER VEHICLES: All RVs, boats, motorized vehicles or golf carts must be properly licensed, insured, operable and in good condition. If RBR personnel determine any of these requirements are not met, the Renter must correct the issue(s) or remove the item(s) from RBR property.

CHILDREN: All children under the age of 15 must be under adult supervision at all times. As a renter, YOU are responsible for the actions and safety of your children at all times.

PETS: Pets are welcome but must be always on a leash or at the owner’s side.  No outdoor cats allowed.  No more than two (2) pets per space without prior permission from RBR management. Pets are never allowed in the pool area. All pets must be current with and have proof of required vaccinations. DO NOT tie your pets to trees, plumbing, electrical posts, or any park property.  DO NOT leave your pets outside of your RV if you are not at the park.   All pet owners are responsible for removal and proper disposal of pet excrement.  RBR does not allow aggressive dogs.  Dogs that show signs of aggression will result in the pet owner being asked to immediately remove them from the property.  Failure to handle pets in accordance with the RBR rules may result in a pet fee, and, if RBR management so determines, termination of your rental agreement.  Pet owners assume full responsibility for any harm/damage caused by their pets.

TRASH: Please put your trash in trash bags and tie them before putting in the dumpster. Cigarette butts and bottle tops are considered trash – please do not throw on the ground. Renters cannot bring trash to RBR from their homes.

CLOTHESLINES: Clotheslines are not allowed at any RV space.

ALCOHOL/DRUGS/FIREARMS: The USE AND SALE OF ILLEGAL DRUGS ARE NOT PERMITTED ON RBR PROPERTY. FIREARMS OF ANY TYPE ARE NOT ALLOWED. Alcohol is permitted, but no glass bottles are allowed outside of your rental space. Loud profanity and disorderly conduct will not be tolerated. Violation of these rules by a Renter or their guests may result in termination of your rental agreement and/or your guests being asked to leave RBR.

SMOKING/VAPING: Smoking or vaping is not allowed in any of the RBR owned buildings including the pool. If you smoke, do not throw your cigarette butts on the ground or in the sewer system.

MAIL: Renters at RBR cannot have their mail sent or forwarded to RBR without consent from RBR management. RBR assumes no responsibility for delivery of mail and packages that are delivered to RBR for our renters. RBR personnel will not deliver any mail or packages that arrive at RBR to your RV.

FIREWORKS/BURN BANS: Fireworks will only be allowed at designated areas and times and only with RBR management prior approval. Renters will be required to comply with all county burn ban notices.

CAMPFIRES/FIRE WOOD: Campfires are only allowed in grills or fire pits that are up off the ground. Below ground fire pits are prohibited. Ashes and/or coals cannot be dumped on the ground or placed in the dumpsters. There is an area on the property to properly dispose of ashes. Please make sure all ashes and coals are extinguished prior to disposal. All wood must be kept on or under your deck or RV and must be stored off of the ground. Cutting of firewood at RBR is STRICTLY PROHIBITED unless approved by RBR management.  

SWIMMING POOL: There is NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY AT THE SWIMMING POOL AT ANY TIME – ALL GUESTS, THEIR CHILDREN, AND THEIR VISITORS SWIM AT THEIR OWN RISK. Everyone MUST abide by the pool rules at all times. CHILDREN under the age of 15 are not allowed in the pool area without adult supervision. No running, diving, pushing or roughhousing is allowed. No food, glass containers, or smoking/vaping in or around the swimming pool. Renters who do not abide by these rules, will be banned from using our pool. Please be considerate to all guests, share pool time so everyone can enjoy. Swimming in the lake is permitted, but RBR is not responsible for renter safety or any items lost or damaged in the lake.

SECURITY GATES: Renters will be provided a keypad code that will allow them to enter and leave any time the gate is not open. DO NOT give out your code to everyone. If unauthorized people use the code, the safety of RBR and our renters is compromised and other measures to enter and leave RBR may be put in place. RBR is not responsible for any damage to vehicles entering and leaving due to operation of the gates.

FISHING: Please do not fish behind other RV’s without permission from the RV owner. FISH REMAINS CAN NOT BE PUT INTO THE DUMPSTERS AT ANY TIME. TAKE THEM BACK OUT TO THE LAKE TO DUMP THEM. Please clean up the fish cleaning stations after use and remember to turn off the lights.

QUIET TIME: Quiet time is 11:00 pm to 7:00 am. This means no loud parties or music. Please be considerate of others in the park. Renters shall not have excessive or bright lighting – especially during quiet time.

We hope you have an enjoyable and relaxing time. RBR has a lot of different people from all walks of life staying with us. Remember to be courteous and kind to your neighbors.

We appreciate your business and if you have any questions, please refer them to RBR management by email at [email protected]